How to play the downloaded FLV and MP4 videos?

Most of the videos what you download with NetVideoHunter is in FLV (Flash Video) format. So you need a player that can play FLV videos.

The most recommended player for Flash video files is the VLC Player:
Click here to download the VLC Media Player!

You can also try the PotPlayer. It can play many file formats and has lot of settings:
Click here to visit the PotPlayer download site!

If neither of these two player can play a downloaded file then it's probably a corrupt file. A file can be corrupt because the download is interrupted or because only a part of the video file has been downloaded. Partial downloads can happen when some sites are splitting the videos in smaller chunks and the NetVideoHunter add-on detects them as separate files. In this case you can see lot of small files with the same title in the captured list of videos. If you have this kind of problem then please send us a link of the site where it happens.