How to use NetVideoHunter?

  1. If the NetVideoHunter add-on for Firefox isn't installed yet then Click here to Install it ("Allow" the installation and restart Firefox)
  2. After NetVideoHunter is installed: Play the video on the original site.
  3. When the play begins then NetVideoHunter detects the video.
  4. Click on the blue icon (at the top right corner of Firefox) to open the NetVideoHunter window.

  5. At the left side of the NetVideoHunter window you can see a list of videos that has been detected.
    You can Download videos if you click on the Download button in the list or you can preview it with the Play button to check that you're downloading the right video.

The list of videos stored until you close Firefox.


Using the bult-in player

You can preview the videos with the built-in player in fullscreen:


Other Features

By default the addon downloads the best available quailty from YouTube, but if you right-click on an item in the NetVideoHunter window, then you can select lower qualities too:

  • Copy URL: get the direct link to the video file
  • Save from cache: save the file from the browser's cache
  • Open original page: visit again the original page of the video
Read about how to play the downloaded videos